Ecotools brushes

Hello everyone! I’m absolutely loving this lovely weather we’ve been having so here’s a peek at my summery makeup today:


Loving all the bright colours 🙂 but that’s not what this post is about today, I’m going to show you my little collection of Ecotools and tell you exactly why you should have these in your makeup arsenal.


This is the first set I bought, it comes with five brushes (angled crease, large eye, smudge brush, highlight brush, and petite shading) which is available from Superdrug for just £7.99. For five brushes that’s an absolute bargain.


I bought this set at a later date after being impressed with my first set. This is the Lovely Looks five piece collection. It’s not available anymore but I believe it cost around the £10 mark and it’s blue flower design was limited edition. It includes a flat eyeliner brush, foundation brush, shadow brush, angled blush brush, and a powder brush.


These last two were purchased separately but are my favourite brushes. The tapered blush brush is available from numerous retailers, the cheapest (at the time of writing this) is for £5.19, reduced from its usual price of £7.99. The kabuki brush is more expensive but worth every penny for £12.99 from Boots, but it’s worth looking around to see if you can find it cheaper.

To begin with, these products are 100% cruelty free and are made from supersoft synthetic fibres. The bamboo wood is also from sustainable sources so this is truly a product you can feel good about purchasing.
They are a delight to use, all of these brushes are regularly used by me and are excellent at picking up product. I’ve never tried the foundation brush with foundation (as I apply foundation with my hands, I know, I know it’s naughty, but it’s habit) but it works wonderfully with cream blushes.
The travel sizes, all but two of mine we this size, are excellent to take out and about with you. There are some collections that come with a cute handy pouch for this purpose.

I haven’t got a single bad word to ssy about Ecotools, I’d highly recommend them to anyone and adore them 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,
Victoria xx


Sleek Makeup-Matte Me lip cream

Hello lovely people! I have an absolute treat of a product to show you today from one of my new favourite budget makeup brands-Sleek makeup.

I was wandering around in Superdrug on the look-out for a perfect spring tone matte liquid lipstick and stumbled across this little beauty: Matte Me lip cream in Petal and figured I’d give it a go. I’ve tried their regular lipstick range before and love their range of colours and how comfortable they feel so I was hopeful about their matte lip cream range.

Boy, I was not disappointed readers. For it’s small price tag, only a fiver, it certainly delivers far beyond that. The shade I bought is a muted dusky pink, I swatched it in store and thought it was too dark but I’m glad I gave it a chance as on my lips it’s exactly what I was looking for.


What really impresses me about this product though is something I was initially sceptical about. Many products out there claim to offer the perfect matte lip with super strong staying power and some, well.. fall flat of expectations. But I’m thrilled to say this product far exceeded itself. I can’t include my test video in this blog post as that’s a premium feature, but I’ve popped it on my Instagram (redhead.dancer) and that can explain its staying power far better than my words can. Wonderfully, it does not compromise on comfort either. I would say that it’s better than even the Mac retro matte range. I love my Ruby Woo, but it’s so drying, but this? Light and cushiony.

It’s hard to think of any cons but there is one minor bug to bear that I have, and that’s the applicator. I don’t know what they were thinking, it’s not a traditional doe foot, it’s just a straight applicator which makes it difficult to apply it without making a mess of your lips. But considering how wonderful the rest of the product is, this is a minor problem which can be solved by using a lip brush.

Overall this is definitely a product I will recommend to anyone in search of a perfect matte lip and I’m looking forward to trying their other colours too.

Have a good week!

Victoria xx

Chocolate Polka Dot ‘Audrey’ Lindybop OOTD

Hello all! I mentioned this lovely little chocolate number in my previous April Faves post and wanted to show you my OOTD featuring it. I had so much fun putting together and felt fabulously vintage, from the beautiful flowing skirts to the winged eyeliner 🙂


Outfit Details:

Dress: Lindybop
Cardigan: Primark
Shoes: Marks & Spencer

Makeup Details:

Mac lip pencil in Dervish
Makeup Revolution lipstick in Encore
TheBalm blush/eyeshadow in Down Boy
No.7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Liner

Have a lovely weekend ❤

Victoria xx



April Favourites-Clothes, Home & Bath

Hello lovely people! It’s that time of month again where I share with you my favourite discoveries from the past month with you all and oh boy do I have some delightful treats to share!

You might remember my obsession with scented candles from last month’s Strawberry Flower & Lily Poundland find and this month had me on the hunt for another delectable scent and I was not disappointed when I ventured into Marks & Spencer to find their delicious Rhubarb Flower candle tin. It’s beautiful, its base scent being rhubarb with suble floral undertones making it the perfect summery scent. It’s fairly big, I estimate it’s got around 40+ hours of burn time in it, not bad for £5


Vintage clothes are my favourite, as you may well know, and to add to my collection I found two beautiful dresses on a Facebook buy, sell, swap page for Lindybop items which the previous owner kindly sold to me for £15 altogether! An absolute steal considering on dress from Lindybop can come up to £30. I’m chuffed to pieces as one of the dresses was a chocolate polka dot Audrey dress. I’ve had my eye on this style of dress for quite some time but was hesitant to take the plunge as boat necklines normally don’t suit me, so I’m pleased I managed to pick one up on the cheap. I’m not disappointed at all, the hype truly lives up to what I’ve heard. It’s so comfy and fits me perfectly in all the right places. Definitely a style I will be buying in other patterns and colours.


I love a good bubble bath, who doesn’t, and picked up this bottle of deliciousness from Poundland (it also retails in Superdrug) and it smells exactly like mint chocolate! I can’t wait to bathe in this yummy concoction.


More bath stuff, but I just can’t help raving about it when Bomb Cosmetics is as fabulous (and cruelty free!) as it is. Akin to LUSH, they’ve got more fragrances than you can shake a stick at!


See you soon guys, have a lovely bank holiday weekend ❤

Victoria xx



March Favourites: Literacy, Home, Music, and Makeup.

Hello everybody! It’s the first of April and here are my favourite things from March.


I’ve been trying to do more reading and make time for me to relax with a good book and Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley is helping me do just that. This book is absolutely magical and takes you into an entire other world in the sky. Magonia is the perfect form of escapism. It begins as our main character Aza is in earth, a teenage girl with a seemingly mysterious disease that renders her with extreme ability to do what we all take for granted- breathing. She later discovers she is actually part of a strange land in the sky, Magonia. Ive not finished it yet but I’m excited to do so. Definitely one I’d recommend!


You already know how much I love Lily LoLo makeup but I feel the need to feature it again ❤ I bought a blush, two shades of foundation and a bronzer and I'm absolutely in love with them. I'm definitely converted to mineral powder makeup! I have a previous post with more information so if you want to see my fill review head there.


I’ve always liked Ellie Goulding but one of her new releases, Holding on For Life, is definitely a new favourite. It’s rather typical of her work so if you like her music you’ll love this. Not much to say here, but I like it 🙂


Recently I’ve reignited my love for scented candles and on a little trip into my local Poundland I stumbled across these sweet little candles by Coley & Gill. This scent is out of this world. So summery and sweet, I’ve never smelt anything like it. I got it from Poundland for, obviously, £1, but I’m not sur if you can get them anywhere else.

Have a good weekend!
Victoria xx

Bank holiday fun!

Happy belated easter everyone! I had a quiet weekend and made the most of the rest (its amazing what just four days off from a classroom of five year olds can do for your energy levels) and yesterday went out with my girls for lunch at a lovely American themed diner called Maxwells in Oxford and indulged in a bit of shopping too!

Decor in the restaurant
We shared cheesy garlic bread and nachos - yum!
Their New Yorker burger- with cheese and bbq sauce ❤

It was so lovely to catch up with my friends and share great laughs and great food 🙂 then we went for a quick spot of shopping and I got some leggings as well as these shirts, including a super cute despicable me themed one!

Both shirts from Primark. Bowie shirt from mens section, £9, grey shirt £6

The really exciting bit was getting my tattoos, I’ll do a quick peek of them now but will do a separate post about my tattoos 🙂

The beginning of my latest!

Have a lovely week everyone!
Victoria xx

Mineral makeup: Lily LoLo

Hello lovely people! In my quest for beautiful cruelty free makeup I was recommended (by the lovely Everyday Hannah) Lily LoLo. Lily LoLo are a cruelty free makeup brand that mainly stock mineral powder makeup and after having them suggested to me, I was curious. I’ve never tried powder makeup before and wanted to see how it compares.

I purchased two tester shades, Blondie and Warm Peach to see which was best. The great thing is that you needn’t worry about getting the wrong shade as you can buy testers (in 0.75g pots) to see what is best for you, which only cost £1.49. I found that both shades suited me, with Blondie providing a more natural finish and Warm Peach giving a bit more of a glow.



The top picture is with Blondie, the bottom is with Warm Peach. They’re both beautiful shades and I think I’ll end up buying both at some point, one as a winter foundation and one for summer.

I absolutely loved wearing this foundation. It evenly distributes and doesn’t look cakey or cause skin to look dry, a problem I frequently faced with liquid foundation. It’s sheer enough to give a natural finish but also gives the option to build up the colour to give the finish that you want. Fab! It lasted me all day and was comfortable throughout.

I was so impressed I decided to check out their blush and bronzer. I purchased a full size of Cherry Blossom blush. This is an absolutely beautiful shade and I fell in love with it instantly. It’s a beautifully sheer rose pink shade that only requires one sweep across your cheeks to provide a lovely glow. The quality feels as though it should cost much more than its £8.49 price tag. As with the foundation, it lasts all day without needing a top up. I’m wearing this blush with the Warm Peach foundation above.

Their bronzer comes in three shades, Waikiki, South Beach and Bondi Bronze with Waikiki being the lightest and Bondi Beach their darkest. I’m always very tentative about browsers as I’m fair skinned and too much makes me look like an orange so I opted for their tester of Waikiki (again, only £1.49) to see what I made of it. Once again, a winner for Lily LoLo! I don’t use bronzer all over so I can’t comment on its use in that regard, but as a contour shade I found it lovely. I’m using it in both of the above pictures and it provides just the right about of darkness for me. Definitely one i will buy their full size of!

Well priced, on the pricier end of the drug store spectrum.
Tester sizes are available for foundations and bronzers, so you can be sure you have the right shade
Good for your skin, their products are oil free and suitable for all skin types
Cruelty free (and vegan friendly!)

You will want one of everything!
Can be a bit messy if you’re not used to mineral products, but with a good kabuki brush and practise this can be rectified.

Have a lovely Easter weekend!
Victoria xx

Positive steps

Hello all, today I want to pause and share some insight into my life and my weight loss journey that’s been taking place for a few years now, because I wasn’t always happy like I am now, or confident in myself, or able to accept that I was important and worthy of positivity in my life.



On the left you see me three years ago, depressed and distraught after a horrible breakup with my boyfriend of nearly three years. It was manipulative and toxic and it destroyed me. If I wasn’t avoiding meals, I was binging. On anything. Anything to fill the sadness and emptiness I felt.
On the right you see me now, today, two stone lighter (I think at my heaviest I was 15 stone) and currently weighing in at 13stone and 1 pound, and a whole lot happier. What I lost around my waistline and hips, I gained in love and laughter and learning to appreciate myself and let me be happy.

This isn’t a post to say ‘all you need to do is lose weight and snd you’ll magically be happy’ because that’s a load of crap, anyone who tries to say it’ll fix everything is talking crap. This is a post showing how far I’ve come and hopefully, I like to think so anyway, it’ll inspire people in similar situations to what I was in to take back their lives in any way they can and for me, that started with my weight.

Take care loves,
Victoria xx

Nabla eyeshadow review!

Hello everyone, today’s post is one I’m very excited to bring to you! I’ve been experimenting with new brands lately in order to discover quality cruelty free products and the Italian brand Nabla Cosmetics was brought to my attention by Instagram and oh man am I glad I found them. I raced home today to receive my goodies and I was not disappointed 🙂



To start with, it’s packaged so well and prettily. Inside the tissue paper the eyeshadows were protected by bubble wrap, reassuring to know as it did have to come all the way from Italy!


I purchased Peach Velvet (on the left) and Fahrenheit (on the right) and I am so impressed with them. They felt buttery smooth on my fingers and the pigment is wonderful! I only used a few swipes to get the colours you see here. I’ve never seen such a beautiful peach as this one. It applies as a matte so it’s perfect as a base for a look and the shade Fahrenheit would look wonderful as part of a smoky eye in the outer corner or even as a liner. As you can see, these products are 100% cruelty free and vegan which is incredibly exciting.

Now let’s talk about price, because i know that’s what you’re curious about. Price wise they are reasonable, retailing at €7.90 (equivalent to £6.13 or $8.77) which is amazingly cheap for a product of this quality. I’d go as far to compare these to Urban Decay or Mac eyeshadows, that’s how much I already love them.

In short, these are cosmetics you want to get your hands on. Well priced, cruelty free, and amazing quality? What more could you want.

See you later guys,
Victoria xx

Nabla Cosmetics ‘About Us’ page

Barry M lilac lippie

Hello guys!

A quick follow up my haul I posted today. I’m trying out the Barry M lipstick that I bought today and I’m really not sure about it..



The consistency is lovely and it applies very well and I really liked the swatch I did, it looked very unusual but on my lips..well. I’m not sure if it’s very me? It’s possibly because I’m not used to such light shades, I’m normally a berry or red person but I’m wondering if my tone is too warm to suit this colour. I’m going to keep trying it out to see if I can make it work, maybe this is one where I need a complimenting eye look to make it look good. Hm.

Any thoughts or ideas?